This space exists to help you, yes YOU, complete the steps to have a solid plan for your next step in your education after high school. Are you a low income student? This is for you. Are you an undocumented student? This is for you. Are you a US citizen with undocumented parents? This is for you. Do you have a disability? This is for you. Will you be the first person in your family to go to college? Or finish high school? This is for you. Has your family gone to college for generations? This is for you too. Do you live is a small farming or fishing community with the nearest education after high school far away? Or do you live a few blocks from a big university in a big city? Either way, this is for you. Are you Black, Latinx or Indigenous? This is for you, because YOU BELONG IN COLLEGE. You belong here.

Don’t let anyone tell you your plan for your next step after high school isn’t important because it’s extremely important! College (which includes any education after high school) is extremely important. Since the Great Recession in 2009, nearly all the jobs added to the economy require education after high school. There are lots of options from a four year college or university to a two year college to a trade school or apprenticeship program.

Don’t worry about making the perfect plan because a perfect plan doesn’t exist. You need a good plan for your next step and you’ll figure it out from there. Most people are doing something completely different from what they thought they would do in high school. Some people have known what they wanted to do since they were six years old.

Hey You Need a Plan exists to help you sort through the noise and stay organized for a less stressful and more fun experience.


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